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Our Meetings

Our Meetings start at 2pm at St. Philip's Church Hall, 84 Galway Avenue, Broadview.  We usually have a browse around at the trading tables and chat to fellow members.  There is also a Club Sale Table where Members can place articles for sale.  These items (a limit of about 5) are labelled with the Member's name and the price, a form is also filled in by the Member.  A fee of 10% is charged (there's no charge if the item is not sold).  We've also recently added a "pick and pay" table - where Members can bring unwanted items, place them on the table and other Members can take the item and place the money they would like to pay for it in a container on the table, the proceeds go to our charity of the year.  The meeting starts with a welcome speech and reading of the minutes and financial report.  If we have a speaker for the meeting they will be introduced.  At half time we vote on Popular Choice.  Popular Choice is where a member brings in a doll according to the category  allocated for the meeting, this is usually printed in the magazine.  We enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit or cake and more time to look at what is on the trading tables. The meeting will then resume and Popular Choice and Displays will be discussed. There is a door prize and raffle drawn towards the end of the meeting.  If there is to be an auction these items will be displayed on the auction table and Members can bid for the items when they come up.


General Benefits

  • Popular Choice - we hold a segment in which members may bring along a doll or other item in a pre-determined category to display and share information. 

  • Display - Members may bring items for a pre-determined category.

  • Show and Tell

  • Auction


Members Benefits

  • Trading Tables

  • Library

  • Club Merchandise

  • Club Sale Table

  • Club Magazine

  • Advertising

  • Annual Exhibition

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